Welcome to NYC Sterling

The first time you set foot in New York City at night, you’ll feel it. The shimmer of the lights hit you with an energy that runs all the way down your spine. That feeling — that same shimmer that stops us in our tracks — is what we want you to feel when you open that little black box.

At NYC Sterling, we think everyone deserves to feel the power of something special shining just for you — and you shouldn’t have to overspend to do it.


Big City Style, Everyday Prices

With roots that go back 30+ years,
we’ve watched the jewelry business get sucked in to an unfortunate dichotomy:
customers are forced to choose between quality pieces that are wildly overpriced,
of affordable items that are made poorly and fall apart fast.

We think that’s simply a shame.

By coming directly to you online
from the heart of New York City’s legendary diamond district and focusing on economic sourcing and craftsmanship
we offer stunning artisanal fashion jewelry at affordable low rates.
We cut out the middleman, allowing us to deliver unparalleled quality for unbeatable prices.

It’s time to find your style. NYC Sterling: New York’s finest artisanal offerings, finally available online.

Shop our selection to find your perfect piece today.